Revisions of QuickWave 2017
Software for electromagnetic design and simulations based on conformal FDTD method.
What's new in Revision1 for QuickWave 2017 (released 2017.09.13)

Improvements in S-parameters extraction algorithm for TEM lines have been introduced to assure higher accuracy results near DC range.
New quantities, E Max and E Rms, are now available for 3D Field Monitors. The results are available for viewing and saving from window and also appropriate tasker commands have been enabled.
2D Field Monitor (recommended only for V2D projects) calculation algorithm has been enhanced with parallel computation for multiple frequencies. Faster computation is additionally achieved by enabling exclusion of selected field components (upon user request made in one of QuickWave input interfaces) from calculation.
QuickWave AddIn v2017 x64 has been released (compile number: - 2017.09.11).
Basic Heating Module settings have been enhanced with the following options: variable heating time, automatic saving of selected computation components (e.g. enthalpy, effective media parameters, etc.), suspending and freezing options for consecutive BHM steps.
A new movement option has been enabled for Basic Heating Module projects. The user is now allowed to enable load translation along his declared trajectory in XY plane.
Energy Stop Criterion option for activating automatic simulation suspension has been enabled.
Import and export of media definition, in a format compatible with other input interfaces of QuickWave software has been enabled.
Optimisation and Grid Search problems caused by multiple dots present in *.xyp file name have been eliminated.