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QuickWave Software Area
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QuickWave 2016 rev.1
Software Installation
QuickWave can be installed from the DVD or from file downloaded from QWED's website.
Software Updates
The user can update the software by using automatic QuickWave Updates or manually downloading the appropriate files from the FTP site.

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Download from FTP
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Previous versions
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Licence update
Licence update instruction starting from QuickWave 2014
Licence update software starting from QuickWave 2014

Licence update instruction up to QuickWave 2013
Licence update software up to QuickWave 2013
QuickWave-3D is a universal user-friendly electromagnetic simulator based on the conformal FDTD method and supplemented with a range of unique models for curved boundaries, media interfaces, modal excitation, and parameter extraction.
QuickWave-V2D is a specialised software tool for the analysis of axisymmetrical structures, including antennas (horns, rods, biconical), circular waveguide discontinuities, and resonators. It is based on the Maxwell equations re-expressed in cylindrical coordinates.
discover accurate EM modelling