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January 2010, New Orleans, LA
The "Recent Advances in Microwave Power Applications and Techniques (RAMPAnT)" Workshop held as a part of the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Boston, MA on June 12, 2009 won the IEEE MTT-S IMS 2009 Award for the Highest Quality Workshop.
Evaluation of all IMS Workshops was made against a number of criteria, including the feedback from the workshop attendees. The award was announced during the recent IEEE MTT-S IMS2010 TPRC meeting in New Orleans. It will be further publicised in IEEE Microwave Magazine and at IMS 2010 in Anaheim.
QWED has special reasons to take pride in this award. Besides the highest scientific quality in many subject areas, the RAMPAnT presentations also demonstrated the uniqueness of QuickWave software tools for high power microwave applications.
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