EU Projects
FoodWaste  [Eureka]
NGAM2 project, coordinated by The Road and Bridge Reasearch Institute (IBDiM), is co-funded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development, under Applied Reaserch Programme.
"CHISMACOMB" - The objective of the project is to develop a structural core material for sandwich applications with paradigmatic properties compared to classical honeycomb materials currently used.
Self-monitoring core for structural integrity, passive and active microwave absorber for EMC
High mechanical performance sandwich structures, curved dome sandwich panel, aerospace components naval hulls
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"SOCOT" - The project goal is to develop and validate in R&D and industrial environments a breakthrough technology for overlay control based on scatterometry. Define and validate an optimal methodology that will allow overlay control in semiconductor industry, for the 32 nm technology node and beyond.
QuickWave mesh and Gaussian beam illumination of a typical grating scenario
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"HIRF" - HIRF Synthetic Environment research project has the goal to provide to the aeronautic industry a numerical modelling computer framework which can be used during the development phase (including upgrade), in order to ensure adequate EM performance, but also in addition and in a considerable reduction to certification/qualification testing phase on air vehicle.
HIRF is Collaborative Project - Large Scale Integrating Project co-financed under the FP7 scheme.
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"Food Waste on ships" - The aim of the project is to develop and evaluate a new technical food waste treatment system in order to handle a food waste on ships in a more resource effective way, applying a microwave drying phenomenon to drastically reduce the volume of waste producing a sterile powder of it. An ultimate goal is to introduce the elaborated system in a large scale on the market.
Food Waste on ships is realised within the Eureka initiative and co-financed by NCBiR (Narodowe Centrum Badan i Rozwoju - National Centre for Research and Development).

The FoodWaste project attracts significant attention of major players on the marine transport market.
"NACOPAN" - The project promotes the novel concept of nano-conductive polymer composites with a predefined architecture and customised dielectric and EMC properties, to be widely used in civil and defence domains. The goal of the project is to assess and benchmark overall EMC properties of the proposed and developed shielding / absorbent composites against classic massive systems, currently used in sandwich structure applications, like Salisbury screens, in order to provide important information about engineering feasibility of the novel shielding / absorbent panel concept, and to identify costs and benefits on adopting such innovative structures.
NACOPAN is realised within the ERA-NET MNT initiative and co-financed by NCBiR (Narodowe Centrum Badan i Rozwoju - National Centre for Research and Development).
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