Consultancy & Services
Your question, Our answer.
QWED offers a wide range of electromagnetic consulting services. Years of experience in supporting our customers in a wide variety of EM applications made us the right people to support you at any stage of a design cycle of your device. Our consulting engineers will help you to optimise and improve your early stage device or provide you with a full EM consulting service consisting of a whole design cycle - from an idea to a device.

QWED offers EM consulting in the following areas:
Antenna design - from patch antennas to large double reflector antennas with radome.
Design of radiation leakage protection - our consulting team supports you in designing wide variety of radiation leakage protections, including casing and chokes for microwave ovens and high-power microwave applicators.
Design of Industrial High-Power Microwave Applicators - QWED offers a comprehensive assistance in a whole design cycle of high-power microwave applicators: from the very scratch through a design up to the development, testing and maintenance. It includes such applications as organic/inorganic microwave-assisted synthesis, wood drying, sintering of ceramics, rubber devulcanization, asphalt pavement recycling and maintenance, food waste treatment.
Design of Microprocessor-controlled Microwave Power Sources with High Frequency Stability
Design of Microwave Power Setups for Food Processing Applications
Design of Passive Components in Waveguide Technology (Polarisers, Phase Shifters, OMTs)
Design of Filters and Diplexers for Microwave Applications
Electromagnetic Modelling for Microwave and Millimetre Wave Design