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Revisions of QuickWave 2015
New features of QuickWave 2015

What's new in Patch1 for Revision 1 for QuickWave 2015 (released 2016.03.11)

QW-GPUSim: double precision available for S-Parameters and FD-Probing postprocessings.
QW-Simulator: accuracy improvement for dielectric-metal divided FDTD cells.
QW-Simulator: Warnings Info option in TestMesh window enabled for V2D examples.

Bug Fixes:
QW-Simulator: zero envelopes of E and H components for V2D examples.
QW-BHM: crash for projects with dispersive media.

What's new in Revision 1 for QuickWave 2015 (released 2015.08.21)

QW-OptimiserPlus: "very slow progress encountered" warning only for 'Stop when Goal Function Stabilises within Tolerance' option.
QW_Simulator: Thermal view set as default for templates  and V2D examples in ViewFields window.
QW-Simulator: improved left mouse button service in Envelope window.
QW_Simulator: extended toolbars of Set Aspect button & Colour Palette combobox in View Antenna 3D window.
QW_Simulator: ports references for GAMMA K at. plane references type ppostprocessing are visible in TestMesh window.
QW-AddIn: QuickWave AddIn v2015 x64 rev1 - Compile number: 1.4.038
QW-AddIn: improved analysis of AutodeskĀ® InventorĀ® patches (zero-thickness metal layers).
QW-AddIn: postprocessing FD-Pavailable option possible for Plane Wave Box excitation.
QW-AddIn: improved warning messages in case of HASP problems. 

Bug Fixes:
QW-OptimiserPlus: phase correction for results calculated from objective fomula.
QW-OptimiserPlus: incorrect settings for objective from file in decibel scale.
QW-Editor: incorrect excitation displayed in 3D window for units other than mm.
QW_Simulator: bug fixed for Next Task while Export & Test running.
QW_Simulator: fixed recalculation of 3D Radiation Paterns and View Antenna 3D window.
QW_Simulator: saving the setting of Solver combobox  in "HFM INI" tab Preferences dialog.
QW-AddIn: plane Wave Box does not force mesh snapping planes (it was the reason of  non-uniform meshing).
QW-AddIn: corrected export to UDO of very large and very small values (UDO language does not accept exponential notation of numbers).
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