Fig.1. General view of the structure
Dielectric resonator
Fig.3. Fourier transform of Hx field in horizontal and vertical monitoring planes at resonant frequencies
1.965 and 2.305 GHz, obtained from a single simulation
Fig.2. Fourier transform of current flowing between the point source and the resonator,
with minima indicating resonant frequencies
This example is run with pulse excitation and FD-postprocessing, producing eigenfrequencies of the structure.
It indicates resonant frequencies at 1.965, 2.305 and 2.730 GHz.
Rectangular waveguide filter
A waveguide filter proposed by P.Ibbs and M.Guglielmi in the September 1996 issue of Microwave Engineering Europe. It is built in a 19.50 x 9.525 mm rectangular waveguide. Note that we can also define and analyse the full filter. In fact, this would be necessary if we wanted to investigate the effects of technological asymmetries. However, by taking advantage of the magnetic symmetry condition, we are reducing the required memory and computing time by a factor of two.
Fig.4. General view of the structure
Fig.5. Absolute values of reflection and transmission coefficients
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Fig. 6. Instantaneous Ez field distribution for frequency 12.39 GHz
Fig. 7. Instantaneous Ez field distribution for frequency 11 GHz
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