Effective Media Parameters
In QuickWave software, the complete simulation project, prepared in the Input Interface, with mesh and media parameters assigned to objects is exported to QW-Simulator. In the pre-processing stage, QW-Simulator assigns material parameters to each FDTD cell. In case of cells that are entirely filled with one medium this process is straightforward. For FDTD cells filled with two or more different media, the so-called divided cells, the effective values of material parameters need to be calculated. The algorithm for effective media parameters calculation takes into account the percentage occupation of each of the medium in a considered cell.
QuickWave offers a unique functionality that allows displaying the spatial distribution of the effective media parameters:
effective relative permittivity, separately for each of three directions (EpsX, EpsY, EpsZ)
effective relative permeability, separately for each of three directions (MuX, MuY, MuZ)
effective electric conductivity, separately for each of three directions (SigmaX, SigmaY, SigmaZ)
effective magnetic loss, separately for each of three directions (SigmaMX, SigmaMY, SigmaMZ)
effective specific heat (Specific heat)
The 2D distribution of the media parameters distribution is available for every FDTD layer along each of three axes.