Time integration of the Poynting vector
QuickWave allows for monitoring the time-integrated Poynting vector in a particular part of space. This is available in the ExH Time Integral post-processing. Time domain integral of the Poynting vector has the meaning of a power flux and is expressed in [J/m2]. This value is typically compared to the total energy available from the input pulse source and that is why this post-processing should be used together with the Power Available post-processing, which provides information about the spectrum of the input pulse  and the total energy available in it. It should be noted that when the ExH Time Integral post-processing is active, QW-Simulator will start integrating the Poynting vector components over time starting from the first iteration and will indicate it in the Simulator Log window.

The ExH time integral results in QW Simulator are displayed using Poynting function in 2D/3D Fields Distribution window and the results of Poynting vector integration over time are available as
S, Sx, Sy, and Sz components.